Flash TM 500 Armor and 1800MPa Tubing Available to Ship Globally

Tubing from 12 to 63mm Diameter or Square. Custom Shapes Available

Flash Bainite is the Strongest, Most Ductile, Lean Alloyed, Readily Weldable, Least Costly Maximum Strength METAL known to man. A50 tensile ranges from 1100 to 2080MPa (160-302ksi) while total elongation up to 10-11% is not uncommon.  Flash 500 at 1900MPa and 10% elongation exceeds titanium-6Al-4V's strength to weight ratio making it pound per pound stronger at only 56% the volume. Flash 500 is 10% the cost of Ti-64.

Flash Bainite from AISI1020 is 1500MPa and forms as easy as DP1000 offering weight savings.  "Off the shelf" sheet, plate, and tubing can be made into Flash Bainite. Triple the strength of Chrome Moly, Flash 4140 is pound for pound 2X stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum. If you are "lightweighting" structure with aluminum, Flash Bainite will do a better job at far less weight and cost. 

Environmentally friendly, this process consumes less than a half Kwatt of energy per Kg of steel processed (less than a penny/pound). Water is used instead of polluting oils or molten salt. With 7 years of research, Ohio State University has determined the alloy mechanism that allows Bainite to be transformed in about 80ms.  Many of the world's leading metallurgists have reviewed Flash Processing and fully agree.  Flash Processing is unique technology to make lean alloyed steel stronger and more ductile than ever before.

Flash Bainite Tubing at 1800MPa is triple the strength of off the shelf 4130 tubing.  It is available from 3/4" to 2-1/2" diameter (or square) up to wall thickness of 0.120".  Flash tubing has repeatedly tested at 10% elongation and bends to very tight radii without collapse and minimal thinning.  1" dia x 0.120" wall bends at 2.5" centerline bend radius while 1" x 0.049" wall bends to 5" radius.  Energy apsorption properties of Flash Tubing are exceptional.

Flash 4130 sheet metal at 2mm thick has tested at 1800MPa while over 9% elongation in ASTM E8 testing of A50 gage length in 1/2" wide specimens.

Flash Bainite Armor has proven at six ballistic testing labs to be pound for pound the strongest, most ballisitcally resistant, readily weldable metal known to man.  For the same level of protection against 0.30-cal AP at 0 obliquity AND 20mm FSP, the choice is 10psf of Flash 500, at least 16psf of 5083 Al, or even heavier 6061-T6 Al.  Early tests indicate Flash 500 does not suffer adiabatic shear plugging.  This means against 0 obliquity AP, Flash 500 requires only 2/3 the thickness (thus 2/3 the weight) of RHA or High Hard.  At 5-10psf, Flash 500 has vastly superior AP protection over Ti-64.  Flash 500 beats all 10 psf metal armors against 20mm FSP.  Data doesn't lie ... Flash 500 is far more than "just High Hard"

Metal Matrix Composites are known to increase mechanical and ballistic properties of aluminum and magnesium.  The flaw is that Al and Mg, even with their very low density, are pound for pound very weak metals.   Flash 500 is a naturally occurring Iron-Based Metal Matrix Composite.  The homogeneous combination of ductile bainite, strong martensite, and chromium carbides is unmatched in performance.

Flash Bainite is the highest overall performing, readily weldable Structural METAL / Armor ever.... and at the lowest cost.  ThyssenKrupp Labs, Element Labs, US Army, Auto OEM, and others' data exists to back every Flash claim. Challenges Welcome!